Summer Spruce-Up

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I’m a big believer in having my yarns, fabric and wool out on display, where I can see what I’ve got. I like to organize it by color. When I enter my workroom, I feel like I’m going shopping— what a treat!

yarn and fabric

If you keep all your stuff in bags and boxes, crammed into closets, chances are the next time you want to start a project, you’ll forget what you’ve got! Even if space is a premium at home, try to find a way to keep your treasures visible. They will inspire you in your creative life.

carded wool

Check out the Featured Rug of the Month at Little House Rugs. This month, you’ll read about Michelle Carey’s first rug!

the wave cropped lighter

The Wave, 20″x30″ Designed and hooked by Michelle Carey

August is blessedly quiet on the farm. Good time to catch up on chores, then gear up for next month’s shows.

birdie, bingo and maisie

My Nigerian doe Birdie with her 3 month old kids, Bingo and Maisie

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Happy Hooking Everyone!

Judy Taylor


2 thoughts on “Summer Spruce-Up

  1. Sandra Sampson says:

    Thanking for sharing. Your stash of yarns is amazing. I also sort my yarns by color and have them in baskets on shelving. The colors of yarn are spilling out the top of the baskets and I enjoy seeing them.


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