Call for T-shirt Rugs!

counting sheep t shirt

Counting Sheep T-shirt Rug, 17.5″x40″, Designed and hooked by Judy Taylor

Do you have a rug that was hooked with T-shirts? I’d love to feature it in my new book, T-Shirt Treasures.

While hooking with T-shirts may seem like a new twist on the age-old craft of rug hooking, it’s really not. Grenfell Mats, hooked with silk stockings and nylons go back almost 100 years. Rugs made with nylons and t-shirts can last for generations, are extremely hard-wearing and easy to care for. So the creative explosion that comes from hooking rugs with T-shirts has a long tradition.

1940s nylon rug

Antique Nylon Strip rug, 22.5″x17″, Designer unknown

Back in 2011, when I was writing Joy of Hooking (With Yarn!) I put out a call on social media for photographs of hand hooked rugs made with yarn. I was delighted to receive over 100 rugs from all over North America! I’m hoping to include as many hand-hooked T-shirt rugs in the new book, as well as any Grenfell Mats or any rugs from Multicolores, the Guatemalan Rug Hooking Cooperative. Multicolores is a new organization very much in the tradition of the Grenfell Mission in the previous century. It is an organization started by rug hooking artist Mary Anne Wise that assists Guatemalan women to express themselves creatively, as well as to improve their economy. So if you own any of these types of rugs, or are associated with the organizations, I would love to feature them in this new book (with permission, of course).

t shirt penny for web cropped

T-Shirt Penny Rug, 21″x28.5″ Designed and hooked by Judy Taylor

Photographs can be submitted in digital form (high-quality JPEGs, with at least 300 d.p.i.) either via email or by mailing me a CD which I can return to you. I can also scan paper photographs, which will also be returned to you. They can be finished rugs or rugs in progress, old rugs or new. If your rugs are featured, you will receive a free copy of the new book, hot off the presses!

Pretty quick turn-around: I’ll need the photos by the end of this month! Please include the normal stuff: your name, mailing address, email, phone, as well as the name of your rug, who designed it, dimensions (and anything else you’d like to add about it) and help to share this craft with the world! You can submit to me at judytaylor@littlehouserugs.com, or mail to Little House Rugs, PO Box 2003, Auburn, WA 98071.

antique flower rug cropped for web

Antique Flower Rug, 33.5″x24.5″ Designed and hooked by Judy Taylor

And don’t forget that for every $50 you spend with Little House Rugs between now and November 25, 2018, you will be entered to win the Antique Flower Rug (a $560 value!).

Happy Hooking Everyone!

Judy Taylor



3 thoughts on “Call for T-shirt Rugs!

  1. Robin Wild says:

    Hi, I am teaching myself to hook and I am starting with monk’s cloth and t shirt strips and it is HARD. I just can’t get the strips through the cloth easily. They pull the previous loop out, they split, turn over, and just won’t come through. I cut about 1/4 inch strips and pulled them so they curl into cords. Am I doing something wrong? It is not enjoyable at all.


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