Quickie Holiday Ornament Project


finished ornament for web

Here’s a fun, quick ornament idea: hook a flock of sheep! These easy ornaments can be hung from a tree, or used as refrigerator magnets.

sheep ornaments on burlap for web

Draw ovals on burlap, with silly, cartoon faces.

sheep ornaments hooked for web

Hook them in natural colors. For these samples, I used natural colored lopi (single ply) wool yarns. (If you need a quick primer on hooking with yarn, watch my DVD on youtube)

sheep ornaments cut out for web

Cut out the hooked sheep, leaving 1/2″ of burlap all around.

sheep ornaments trim away excess burlap for web

With a needle and thread, tack down the remaining burlap, close to the hooked edge. Then trim the excess burlap away.

glueing on legs for web

With a hot glue gun (or needle and thread) connect a 3″ pipe cleaner for the legs.

glueing on ribbon for web

Glue (or sew) a 3″ piece of ribbon to the back.

gluing the back on for web

Run a line of hot glue all around the edges and cover it with a piece of felt. Or sew the felt to the back of the ornament.

finished ornament for web

Trim the excess felt away from the back. You can also leave off the ribbon and glue on a magnet on the back instead, for a fridge flock of sheep!

flock o sheep for web

This month’s Featured Rug is a Navajo design, hooked by Nancy Malitz.


3’x5′ Two Grey Hills Navajo design from a punch hook kit from the 1970’s

Read all about how she resurrected this old treasure and finished it here!


Whale Rug 35″x26.5″ Designed and hooked with handspun Jacob wool by Judy Taylor

Don’t forget, the drawing is coming up on November 25 to win this handspun, hand-hooked Whale Rug (a $450 value!). For every $50 you spend with Little House Rugs between now and Nov. 25, you will be entered to win. And now is a great time to stock up because blog subscribers will get 20% off EVERYTHING ON THE WEBSITE (including Custom Rug Hooking and Custom Kits) until the end of the year. (But you’ll only add to your entries to win the rug until Nov. 25, so Christmas shopping anyone?)

If you want to get the 20% discount, you must include BLOG SUBSCRIBER in the Notes to the Seller on the checkout page. Then you will receive an immediate 20% rebate on your total order.

Not yet a blog subscriber? It’s easy to join. Just click the Follow button on the lower right hand corner of your screen. (If the Follow button disappears, close the post and navigate your way back in. For some reason that is beyond me, the Follow button goes away sometimes…)

Happy Hooking Everyone!

Judy Taylor


5 thoughts on “Quickie Holiday Ornament Project

  1. Stephanie Krasney says:

    Awww! These little sheep are so cute and look so easy to make for Christmas or whenever- thank you for the clear instructions!


  2. Kelly says:

    Judy, I’ve sent a couple of emails with a question to you via the website Little House Rugs, but I’ve not gotten a reply. Long and short of it is: I am taking rug hooking up again. Learned from my Grandmother, but she cut her own wool. I want to use wool yarn. Million dollar question: If I buy a pattern from you, how do I estimate how much yarn to buy in each color/hue/etc.? P.S. I was SO HAPPY to find your blog. It is very helpful and informative, and your work is beautiful.


    • Thanks for the comments! Think about planning for four ounces of yarn per square foot of hooked area. Of course, estimating square footage of an element of a rug, like a background, is challenging, because they are seldom solid rectangles! But we do our best to estimate, and 4 ounces seems to be a great gauge. Now, if I was going to be hooking with a yarn that is in limited supply, like a hand-dyed specialty yarn, I might want to estimate 6 oz per square foot for that yarn, so I don’t run the risk of running out. Hope that helps!

      By the way, all of my patterns come with suggested yarn requirements to get you started.

      I’m very glad you brought up the subject of emails. I respond to ALL emails, but because I am a business, there is a complex web of blockages that may bounce my reply and then the customer is peeved at me. Unfortunately, there’s no way to prevent the blocking from happening from my end. I have included a request for a phone number to folks who find their way to my contact page, so I have another avenue to get back to them. Internet, can’t live with it, can’t live without it!


      • Kelly says:

        Judy, thank you so much for your reply. I am happy to hear that your kits come with yardage suggestions! I really appreciate your help.


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