Little House Rugs just got an UPGRADE!

Wow. I feel like I just lost ten pounds. I just transformed a 200+ behemoth of a website into a svelte, sophisticated TEN PAGES! It’s so much better, guys and gals. Now you will be able to find products much more easily, in a slick, professional layout.

How did I manage to compress so much into so little, you ask?

I no longer have a separate page for each rug or kit. Now, when you go to the Rug Kits page, you will simply scroll down. Everything you need to order is right there on the page. The beauty of this setup is that you will be able to compare directly between projects (size, design, price) to find the perfect one for you. No more bopping back and forth on separate pages. Mind you, it’s a long page, full of kits and rugs, so scroll to your heart’s content.

The one teeny drawback is that I don’t get to show you multiple versions of the rug project that I’ve hooked, so you will have to rely on your own fertile imagination. I’ve peppered the website in other nooks and crannies with those multiples, just to get your creative juices flowing. The main thing to keep in mind with everything you see on the site, is that I make these kits and rugs one at a time, so I encourage you to give me your favorite colors, and I will create the kit or finished rug to your own preference. You won’t find this kind of flexibility at any other rug hooking site, so use it. USE ME (what can I say, I’m a hooker)!

Please visit the site and let me know if you have any suggestions to make it better or easier to use. I’m sure there’s a random bit of text just floating around in the wrong spot somewhere, or a link that doesn’t link, so I’d really appreciate a once over.

And as long as you’re there, dear blog subscriber, you will get 20% off everything and anything on the website between now and September 8, 2017. All you need to do, to make sure I know you’re one of the “special ones” is that you need to put “I’M SPECIAL” in the Comments box on the Checkout page. Then I will refund the 20% through Paypal lickety-split. Don’t have Paypal? Just email me your order.

Oh, you’re not yet a subscriber to our monthly blog? Just click the Follow button on this very page, enter your email, and you’ll get your monthly missive sent to your inbox, full of news, tips and techniques, web specials, upcoming shows and classes, the Featured Rug of the Month, and more.


Let Freedom Ring Designed and hooked by Camelia Gould

This month’s Featured Rug is a first rug by Camelia Gould of Hamner, Ontario. Check it out here.


Whale Rug 35″x26.5″ Designed and hooked with handspun Jacob wool by Judy Taylor

And don’t forget that for every $50 you spend with Little House Rugs between now and November 25, 2017, you will be entered to win the Whale Rug (a $450 value!) hand-hooked with handspun Jacob wool from my flock.

I’ve got a Beginning Rug Hooking Class coming up in New York City on September 13 that still has a few openings. Click here for more info.

I also will be teaching and having my booth at Oregon Flock & Fiber (September 22-24) in Canby, OR. If you’re in the area, stop by and say hi!

judy hooking 2

Happy hooking everyone!

Judy Taylor


One thought on “Little House Rugs just got an UPGRADE!

  1. hey, Judy — I must be a blog subscriber since when I entered this site, it read “following” in the lower right corner. Thankful you’re heading to NY and not to TX next month for your class! I’m really excited to see the kit for the Whimsy Sheep. It’s going to look gorgeous — or as gorgeous as I can make it. 🙂


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