Get on your feet!


Many people have switched to standing desks for all the health benefits they provide, from reduced back pain to lowered blood sugar to improved mood and productivity. It is generally accepted that sitting too much can be bad, but what do you do if you love to rug hook? How can you avoid some of the physical maladies that come from being sedentary? How about getting up on your feet?


Since the legs of my Playing Hookey frame slip in and out, I thought I’d cut some longer pvc pipes so that I could stand while hooking. I am 5’6,” so for me, 40″ legs seemed to work well. It was such an easy fix, I don’t even have to take the rug off the frame, I can just remove the short legs and slip in the long ones. This is going to come in handy for my next class, since all of the students will easily be able to see what I’m doing underneath, without me trying to balance the frame in an unnatural way. Also, since I usually pass the time rug hooking in my booth at shows, having the long legs there will allow me to switch up and spare my rear end.


Stars Over Blomidon, 16″x24″ Designed and hooked by Lalia Kerr

The Featured Rug of the Month for February is “Stars Over Blomidon,” by Lalia Kerr. You can read all about it at

Do you have a rug you would like to see featured on Contact me! Every rug has a story and we love to hear all about them. Whether it is a rug you’ve made, inherited or found in a treasure hunt, send us your pictures! If your rug is featured, you will receive your choice of a free half yard of linen or our recycled cotton rug hooking bag, so what are you waiting for? You can view the many MANY rugs that have already been featured at


Thanks to Denise Halloran for sharing her new acquisition, the Jacob Farm Rug on the wall of her office!


Whale Rug 35″x26.5″ Designed and hooked with handspun Jacob wool by Judy Taylor

Remember that for every $50 you spend with Little House Rugs between now and November 25, 2017, you will be entered to win the Whale Rug (a $450 value!) made from handspun Jacob wool from our farm.

Happy Hooking everyone!




2 thoughts on “Get on your feet!

  1. Sharon Johnston says:

    I also find changing to a standing position beneficial. Since I also weave I tend to stand and weave for a bit , then hook as uses different muscles and movements. Besides since I am using yarn I can use them for both . Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I am going to modify my hooking frame as well. Sharon Johnst


  2. Evelyne Vieville says:

    Dear Judith i hook with yarn et i love your tapestry of licorne congratulations i send photo of my hook when it ‘s finish great tapestry i work on 1m10 sur 1.20 meter is name is idyllique garden best regards Evy for France


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