How Long Does it Take to Hook a Rug?

celtic love knot teal and plum for web

Celtic Love Knot, 48″x52″ Designed and hooked by Judy Taylor

When I demonstrate rug hooking, this is the first question people want to know. The above rug, Celtic Love Knot is one of the largest rugs I’ve made, and this is the fifth time I’ve hooked the design, so I have a pretty good idea of how long it takes to make it.

(Drumroll, please…) It takes me approximately 100 hours to hook a rug of this size (around 14 square feet), and at about 81 loops per square inch, that comes to around 72,500-some individual loops!

What do members of the public do with that info? Understandably, some walk away shaking their heads, remembering a root canal they meant to do that day. Others hear that and gain an appreciation for the prices I charge for my work. Still others are mesmerized by the hypnotic rhythm in the process, the tactile experience of drawing fiber through your fingers and creating patterns of color and texture.

Hooking rugs with yarn is not unlike the coloring books for adults that are all the rage these days. Many people love to lose themselves in color and design, not just for the end product, but for the pure satisfaction of the doing of it.

I don’t usually hook such large rugs, most are around 6 square feet in size, and it’s not unusual for me to hook an entire small rug during a weekend show, while sitting in my booth. People who are at the show for the whole weekend (other vendors, usually) get to see a rug hooked from start to finish during that time. Rug hooking is something I can do while doing other things, so I can answer questions and help customers without a break in the rhythm. I can also watch TV or attend meetings where a different part of my brain is required.

You might be wondering how I could do something over and over, even 72 thousand times, and still be excited about the next rug I’m going to make. It’s just the process, it is gosh-darned theraputic, without the assistance of pharmaceuticals or psychiatrist fees, plus I have something to show for it at the end of all this meditative grooving.

If you would like to try your hand at the hypnotic benefits of hooking the Celtic Love Knot rug, blog subscribers can save 20% off the price of the pattern on linen, at,html

The Featured Rug of the Month at Little House Rugs for June is a set of two rugs hooked by Phyllis Fitzgerald of Valley, WA. Both are hooked with handspun yarn, including some of her own camel’s wool (she has her own CAMEL!). You can find the link for that page at

This month I will be down in Eugene, OR for the Black Sheep Gathering (June 24-26). I will have my booth the whole weekend, and I will also be teaching a Beginning Rug Hooking class on Sunday morning. For info on the class, go to

I will also be teaching a class in Seattle on June 30 at the Weaving Works. You can sign up for that at

Both of these classes are filling up fast, so grab a spot if you can and I’ll see you there!

Happy Hooking Everyone!



4 thoughts on “How Long Does it Take to Hook a Rug?

  1. jude says:

    So look forward to seeing a new posting on your blog! I think that is how I feel about the fibers sliding through my hands and watching the picture develop. I’m still working on a picture with the wool strips that I started before I found your website and blog. I’m anticipating switching to yarn for the next one. I also knit and find it really difficult to sit anywhere without one of my projects in hand! Hope your week is going well!



  2. If you haven’t already, send me pictures of your hooked project for inclusion in our Featured Rug of the Month. It doesn’t have to be hooked with yarn, all rugs have a story, and we love to read all about them. If your rug is featured, you will receive your choice of a free half-yard of linen or our recycled cotton rug hooking bag, so send your pics!


  3. Martha Trussell says:

    Hi Judy,
    I am looking for someone to repair my rug. Would you consider doing a repair for someone? Thanks.



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