Happy Holidays!

The winner of this year’s drawing of the Hand-hooked Victorian Santa is Nancy Ridings of Colton, Oregon.  Congratulations!  For a sneak peek at next year’s drawing prize, read on!

Hand hooked Victorian Santa

Hand-hooked Victorian Santa, with mohair beard. 34″x20″, designed and hooked by Judy Taylor

I took November off from the blog because I took part in a writing contest, put on my nanowrimo (Nat’l Novel Writing Month) in which you must try to write 50,000 words in thirty days (that’s 1600 or so words a day).  It is a really fun contest, they provide lots of encouragement.  It is a great way to get into writing.  When you have a deadline or a goal, you find out you can write even when the conditions aren’t perfect, the gods are not smiling, and your muse is on vacation!

pinwheel rr for web

Pinwheel Rug, Designed and hooked by Judy Taylor 21.5″x29″

But back to the blog:  This month’s featured rug is a Pinwheel design, the first full rug I’ve made using Rustic Rainbow.  I just love this yarn.  It is the perfect weight, not too thick, not too thin.  It’s durable and it’s not at all slippery.  It is naturally gray to begin with, but still you can get a good variety of colors.  You can read about it at www.littlehouserugs.com/featured-rug-pinwheel-december-2015.html.

I would like to thank all of you who have followed this blog in this, my first year’s attempt.  I hope to keep on adding articles that are helpful and inspirational to get you hooking your own lovely treasures.  By the way, when you finish your projects, do send me photos, and if your rug gets featured on the website, you will receive a free half-yard of linen or our recycled cotton rug hooking bag.

As a big thank you to the subscribers of this blog, you can order anything on the website between now and Dec. 31 for 25% off.  Yes, that’s for everything from kits and books to hand hooked rugs and custom rug hooking.  So if there is something you’ve had a hankering for but were waiting for it to go on sale, this is your chance!  If you order something in the normal way (paypal), just put BLOG SUBSCRIBER in the box of special instructions on the checkout page, then I will refund the 25% through your paypal account.  You can also bypass paypal and put an order in through email (my contact info is on every page of the website).

If you are just checking out this blog for the first time, you can subscribe by moving your mouse to the bottom right corner.  A box comes up that says you have a chance to “Follow” the blog.  Then you will get an email monthly when a new post goes up.

So hop on over to www.littlehouserugs.com and go shopping.  THANKS!

terrier finished for web_edited-1

Good Dog, Refurbished by Judy Taylor 22.5″x36″

Next year, the big drawing will be my Good Dog Rug.  This is an old rug I found on ebay, which had a lovely dog (I thought it looked like an Irish Terrrier, but other people thought differently.  It’s definitely a terrier of some sort).  Unfortunately, the dog had a rather awful bright green background, so I unhooked that part and created my own basket weave background.  The retail value of the rug is $385.00, but for every $50.00 you spend with Little House Rugs from Jan. 1 through Nov. 25, you will be entered to win the rug.  (If you spend $100, you are entered twice, $150.00 you’re entered three times, etc.)

Take care and have a lovely holiday!

Judy Taylor


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